Christmas Fair Fundraising

Why not make this years Christmas Fair an opportunity to raise some extra funds at school! We have a great range of school fundraising projects specifically designed to impress and delight all of the fantastic Mums and Dads out there.


Why not produce an Eco Bag, the bags are a great idea, kind on the environment and practical too, unlike other bags available ours are printed and sewn in the UK which allows you fully customise the bags to your requirements. You can have coloured shoulder length handles, add a gusset or both! We have a choice of Heavy Weight Canvas, or a Heavy Cotton calico version which is a little cheaper, either way our bags are second to none and we regard them as an ethical, and green choice. For more information on Pricing click here

Class Fundraising for School Teatowels and School Christmas Cards for School Fundraising IdeasWe also have a range of fab School Tea Towels that can be made using our simple-to-use art pack; our tea towels are a perfect gift to brighten up anyone’s kitchen. We have some unique Christmas Borders which we think are rather pretty! Our Free Art pack has everything you need inside, including a FREE RETURN ADDRESS LABEL, so you don’t have to pay anything at the Post Office!

Fundraising Mugs

Amazing Fundraising Mugs! – OK, so we realise that quite a few of you guys are doing the 2016 Christmas card project, however these mugs are different, they are a full wrap so instead of having the image printed both sides they have the image printed across the middle, allowing more space for a fantastic fundraising creation of their own. Everyone will love them, they come complete with their own gift box for more information on Mugs click here and for a free sample follow this link!

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