New Product

A new product for our Christmas Card project! FULL COLOUR BAGS FOR LIFE!

christmas full colour digital eco bags

In addition to our popular Cards, Gift Tags, Mugs and Tea Towels we’re now also offering parents the opportunity to purchase their child’s design printed in full colour onto Eco Bags!  This new product is made from 100% Cotton and is an ideal gift.

New School Christmas Card Project Product

FREE Artwork Return. This year we are including a FREE artwork return label which means that you can take your completed artwork templates along to the Post Office and hand over at the counter, meaning that you save even more!

Using the same design Parents can now order Mugs, Tea Towels and our NEW Bags for Life. When you send out your sample cards this year you will also be able to order Mugs, Tea Towels and Eco Bags with the same design. Each of these items bought earns the £1.85 each for school funds.

Choose your Christmas card greeting. Once you have registered with us you will be able to choose your greeting on the inside of the card. The choices of greetings are:-

      ★ Season’s Greetings

      ★ Happy Christmas

      ★ Merry Christmas

      ★ Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

      ★ Nadolig Hapus (Welsh)

      ★ Nadolig Llawen (Welsh)

      ★ Nollaig Chidheil (Gaelic)

If you can think of any more greetings we can customise to your needs. You can also turn off greetings for children who do not wish to have a message inside their card.

Full colour school tea towels and bags too!

Christmas Card Code. When parents have received their final cards in packs of 12 they will notice that on the back there is a unique website address, if they enter this they will then see that the design they have can be ordered on a whole host of different products which can be bought. These products earn your PTA organisation 10% of the final order value. We deliver these extra products to parents home addresses so no need for any extra work.*

Extra Products on offer include:-

  • Money Boxes
  • Teddy Bears
  • T-Shirts
  • Coasters (4 Packs)
  • Reindeer’s (Soft Teddy)
  • Water Bottles
  • Snowman (Soft Teddy)

*Please note only additional products can be ordered after parents receive their school christmas card project final orders using the unique reference on the back of the card.  Shortcode products are subject to change.


“Thank you very much for the fantastic mugs”

Susan, Fairway School

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