School fundraising – Things to do at the school summer fair!

1st June 2014
Matt Moran

Ok so, we have some great ideas to go along with our products which can be used for summer fair fundraising. Some of these can be easily set up at school they are fun and everyone can take part.

Ok so we know all about Luck Dips, Raffles, Cake Stalls, but what about some of these great ideas, easy to set up and good fun for everyone.

Hook a Duck!

Everyone has hear of this one and I am sure you have seen various versions at fairgrounds. This is incredibly cheap and easy to set up at school, here is what you need.

A medium to large sized paddling pool (which no doubt someone on the PTA will have tucked away in the garden shed).
30 Rubber ducks – available from pound shops or Ebay (make sure they are all identical).
Screw hooks (B&Q or hardware shop).
5 fishing rods (Bamboo canes, Lengths of string and hooks).
A marker Pen – Errrr perhaps school might have one!

Method – Inflate and fill the pool with water. Screw in the hooks into the ducks backs so they can be plucked from the water. Tie hooks to string and attach to bamboo canes. Make a mark on 4 or 5 of the ducks these will be the prize winners.

Decide on what your prizes are going to be. And your set to go!

The Stocks!

Why not put the headmaster in the stocks!

This is a great fun way to raise some money, and a chance for the kids to throw soaking wet sponges at their favorite teacher! Stocks are usually available to hire from fancy dress shops you can also find them on Ebay. Treat this as an investment rather than a one off something that you can use again and again. You will need a bucket with cold (ice cold) water some sponges and a willing teacher, or the school headmaster (if they are brave enough). Charge 50p or a £1 for 3 sponges.




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