Optimus Prime visits Class Fundraising

6th June 2014
Class Fundraising

Yesterday saw Optimus pay us a visit, we heard he really likes tea towels and that Class Fundraising printed them, so he took some time out from ‘transforming’ to see just what we were up to.

We are currently busy printing school tea towels, so all of you guys that have sent back your artwork and have approved your proofs will soon be receiving the printed tea towels.

When we sat down for a chat with Optimus he agreed that there were some pretty impressive designs coming through and there was some of the best designs he had seen! This is what he said when we asked him “Do you want to get some tea towels”, and he said….


Besides Optimus being excited there is a real buzz around the place, the designs this year are the best yet! We have the ability to customise your designs with special borders and a wide range of colours, the tea towels have a superior look and feel to them. And as we print all of our own tea towels in house we really take time and care to ensure that you get the best service ever!


“Absolutely brilliant service”

V Walker, Burghill Primary School

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