Christmas card fundraising

10th June 2014
Class Fundraising

Question. Is it too early to start thinking about school Christmas card fundraising?

Answer. No! But we would say that. We see thousands of designs every year and we see more and more schools using Class Fundraising to complete their project. With this in mind we have put our selves at the forefront of digital Christmas card printing.

From ordering your kit to receiving the final order we make everything simple and easy to complete. We understand that being on the school PTA entails looking fundraising events off of your own back and working long into the night to get things organised, and doing it all for free for the love of the school! So we develop all of our products, art packs and systems around you.

We also work long into the night, and are available to take your calls and questions. In a recent survey 100% of customers surveyed said they would recommend Class Fundraising to another school to take part in our Christmas card fundraiser.

Our top school in 2014 raised over £2000, this went towards a number of projects at school including buying a new piano!

So if you are looking for a perfect fundraiser this year look no further you have found the answer! With prices starting from just £2.85 + VAT (£3.42 including VAT), and the cards selling to parents for £5 per pack for 12 professionally printed personalised designs, each pack sold profits £1.58 per pack. Sell 200 packs and you can make over £300. We also sell gift tags and mugs featuring the same design. These added products add an extra dimension to fundraising and make great gifts for all to treasure.

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