Only The best Eco Bags will do!

7th July 2014
Class Fundraising

We get lots of questions about our Eco Bags or as some people call them tote bags or shopper bags. So we thought we would take a few moments to tell you guys all about them!

Our finest bags come in 2 different materials, we opt for a heavy weight cotton and a thicker cotton canvas.

Our bags are both available in a standard or gusseted versions.

You can customise your bags to have long or short handles.

You can customise the handle colour (for no extra cost).

Each bag is lovingly screen printed on to a flat bag panel and is then finished to your requirements by our experienced seamstresses. By finishing each bag in house we can 100% guarantee the final product we send out. One important thing to stress it that we do not import bags from the far east, although these items are cheap to bring in the quality is sub standard and unlike our bags wont stand the test of time. We use an overlocking technique that ensures that the bags are strong and durable.

So if you are in the market for a great quality bag look no further. If you see cheaper bags elsewhere ask your supplier if they are finished in the UK.

For your free sample email us via the contact page or call us on 01642 489000


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