Mothers Day Fundraising For your School

6th January 2016
Matt Moran

Mothers Day Fundraising

Mothers Day Fundraising Tea Towels

Mothers day fundraising from Class Fundraising, So as you all must know its Mothers Day is on 6th March this year, and with an early half term you’ll need to get your skates on! We offer some great gifts for Mothers day!  So why not order you school fundraising kit now? simply click on this link to take your to order your free kit Your free kit will have everything you need to make the event at school a complete success. With our friendly team on hand to answer any question you may have this product is sure to be a winner for your school, pre school, nursery or organisation.
Want more Mothers Day Ideas?

We have a dedicated page set up with a few different ideas that are sure to be a winner. Click here for more information and make a start on creating some beautiful gifts!


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