School Fundraising – Needed now more than ever!

16th June 2017
Matt Moran

For decades now schools have been fundraising. Fundraising for Schools continues to be a much needed source of money to help schools along the way. If you speak to most PTA members, parents or teachers at your school they will remember doing something at school. At Class Fundraising we all have fond(ish) memories of fundraising while at school. From the Humble Jumble sale and cake bakes to the more obscure. I remember doing something where we had to bring in all of out coppers and lay them out in the playground (that my of been a dream but I am pretty sure it happened).

However there are some fabulous success stories we have heard. There was one school that raised enough cash to take the children to a pantomime – to some this may seem small, but to think that panto was powered by sales from our school tea towels, and by all accounts the children had a great time.

Our school Christmas card project has raised hundreds of thousands over the years, we have been sent some great photos of children playing on their new playground equipment. Our fundraising mugs played a small part in raising money for a brand new mini bus.

We all know fundraising for schools is at times a thankless task, and if you are on a PTA you will know the effort that goes into fundraising at school, but just remember that you are creating joy amongst children!

So with all that said we would just like to remind you lovely fundraisers that Class Fundraising has got your back, all of our fundraising projects have been designed with you in mind. All of our products are sourced (where possible) in the UK. We do our bit for the environment too, we are a carbon neutral company and do our best to recycle where possible..and also eat our 5 a day! Keep on fundraising folks!

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