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3rd July 2017
Class Fundraising

You all still have time for the UK’s best Christmas school cards fundraiser…

You can take part from the start of the new term in September (or August for Scotland). We will send your kit with everything included to make sure you can make the most of this fabulous fundraising event.

This year on the main order you can choose from:
School Cards – From £3 per pack to the school (£5 to parents)
Gift Tags – From £1.00 per pack to the school (£2 to parents)
Mugs – From £3.25 each to the school (£6 to parents)
Tea Towels – From £5.25 each to the school (£7.50 to parents)
Plus a brand new product (we are going to tease you with for a while)

Each product features the child’s drawing. When you think about this for a moment, its not a difficult fundraiser to organise, because at Christmas most of us need Christmas Cards, and what better way to send cards to loved one then using personalised cards your children have designed.

The rest of the products make great gifts, mugs are perfect for Granddads and tell me which grandma doesn’t love a tea towel!

The whole idea to this fundraising is to capitalise and make as many funds for the school as possible. The more items you sell the more your PTA or organisation can make.

Some of the bigger schools make over £2500 per year just doing the school christmas cards with us.

Everyone included. The most important thing to remember is that every child who takes part receives a FREE sample card. If their parents do not go on to order they still receive a lasting memento of something their loved one has created at school.

If you are thinking that you want to give Class Fundraising a try this year then you can order a free sample pack (so you can check out the products) or if we have done enough to convince you then you can order FREE Artwork kit on line and you can get started!

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