Listing our Christmas Products – Number 1 School Christmas card Packs

17th July 2017
Class Fundraising

The next biggie on the list will be the start of the new academic term. The new starters will be at the school for the first time staring their journey. The PTA and the school will be keen to start fundraising and doing their bit in a bid to make much needed funds.

Over the next few weeks we will be listing the products that are available to purchase when you take part in Class Fundraising school Christmas card project. The final instalment will be the launch of our new product for 2017

So where to start…. I know

School Christmas Cards! – Our favourite!

Make no mistake our school Christmas card packs are the best around. Why I hear you ask, well let me tell you!

School cards

Superior Quality – Printed on 350GSM Card.
Available in Packs of 12
Environmentally Sound – Printed On FSC and Carbon Balanced stock.
Full Bleed Cards – Meaning we print the whole image on the Card.
Fully customisable Cards – Meaning that you are in control, you can have the choice of a greeting in the cards, logo, school names and class names.
Latest printing Technologies – Meaning you get a brighter and better finish.
Free Sample Cards – Meaning everyone is included!

The Profit for school Part…

For each Pack sold your school makes a minimum of £1.40, get your order in on the Early Early Bird and your school can make £2.00 per pack profit!

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