Glorious Gift Tags

31st July 2017
Matt Moran

The next product which is part of the School Christmas Card project are the Gift Tags!

Great Gift Tags

To accompany the Christmas cards we have these little gems. They are traditional gift tags (not stickers). They feature the same design as the Christmas cards. Whats great about them?

Gift Tags

Excellent Quality – Printed on the same stock as the cards.
Available in Packs.
No minimum order – We find this a really important one so let us explain. Lots of other companies out there don’t let you order gift tags unless you order cards. We understand that some families have multiple children at the school and may not be able to afford 1 pack of cards from each child, however because the Tags are lower in price they become more appealing to purchase, so the children don’t have to miss out.

The Profit for school Part…

For each Pack sold your school makes a minimum of 75p get your order in on the Early Bird and your school can make even more profit!

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