Marvellous Mugs

5th August 2017
Matt Moran

Marvellous Mugs

A great gift for Grandpa! Using the same design, we can also print on to mugs. Each mug comes complete with its own gift box to make things easier for wrapping. We have been printing these mugs for 5 years now and they remain a firm favourite amongst parents. They are so precious we often get parent ringing up to order more.


High Grade Mugs – From a UK supplier.
High Quality Coating – Meaning that they will not fade in the dishwasher.
High Specification – Printed on to a 10oz Durham Mug.

The Profit for school Part…

For each Mug sold your school makes a minimum of 2.00p get your order in on the Early Bird and your school can make even more profit!

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