Tremendous Tea Towels

13th August 2017
Class Fundraising

The Best Tea Towels

Whose Gran doesn’t like a tea towel? I bet there aren’t many out there that don’t! We are still the only company that offers this product, so its still a worlds first! The tea towels printed with the image resized. They make a great gift to send from children, they usually are treasured keepsakes for years to come. Important info about tea towels next…

Printed Christmas Tea Towel

High Quality stock – UK manufactured 100% Cotton tea towels.
Superior printing – Using the latest state of the art printing technology.
Large Size – One of the best tea towels around measuring 51cm x 79cm meaning you get more for your money.
Superb finishing – Each Tea towel is folded and bagged ready for easy distribution

The Profit for school Part…

For each Tea Towel sold your school makes a minimum of £2.00 get your order in on the Early Bird and your school can make even more profit!

“Thank you very much for the fantastic mugs”

Susan, Fairway School

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