Christmas Card Products

Our Fabulous Christmas Cards

Make no mistake our school Christmas cards are the best around. Why I hear you ask, well let me tell you!

School cards

Superior Quality – Printed on 350GSM Card.
Available in Packs of 12
Environmentally Sound – Printed On FSC and Carbon Balanced stock.
Full Bleed Cards – Meaning we print the whole image on the Card.
Fully customisable Cards – Meaning that you are in control, you can have the choice of a greeting in the cards, logo, school names and class names.
Latest printing Technologies – Meaning you get a brighter and better finish.
Free Sample Cards – Meaning everyone is included!

The Profit for school Part…

For each Pack sold your school makes a minimum of £1.35.

Great Gift Tags

To accompany the Christmas cards we have these little gems. They are traditional gift tags (not stickers). They feature the same design as the Christmas cards. Whats great about them?



Excellent Quality – Printed on the same stock as the cards.
Available in Packs of 9.
No minimum order – We find this a really important one so let us explain. Lots of other companies out there don’t let you order gift tags unless you order cards. We understand that some families have multiple children at the school and may not be able to afford 1 pack of cards from each child, however because the Tags are lower in price they become more appealing to purchase, so the children don’t have to miss out.

The Profit for school Part…

For each Pack sold your school makes a minimum of 75p.


Marvellous Mugs

A great gift for Grandpa! Using the same design, we can also print on to mugs. Each mug comes complete with its own gift box to make things easier for wrapping. We have been printing these mugs for 5 years now and they remain a firm favourite amongst parents. They are so precious we often get parent ringing up to order more.

High Grade Mugs – From a UK supplier.
High Quality Coating – Meaning that your mugs will not fade in the dishwasher.
High Specification – Printed on to 10oz Durham Mugs.

The Profit for school Part…

For each Mug sold your school makes a minimum of £2.00.

The Best Tea Towels

Whose Gran doesn’t like a tea towel? I bet there aren’t many out there that don’t! We are still the only company that offers this product, so its still a worlds first! The tea towels printed with the image resized. They make a great gift to send from children, they usually are treasured keepsakes for years to come. Important info about tea towels next…


High Quality stock – UK manufactured 100% Cotton tea towels.
Superior printing – Using the latest state of the art printing technology.
Large Size – One of the best tea towels around measuring 51cm x 79cm meaning you get more for your money.
Superb finishing – Each Tea towel is folded and bagged ready for easy distribution

The Profit for school Part…

For each Tea Towel sold your school makes a minimum of £2.00.

New for 2017

christmas full colour digital eco bags



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