Christmas Tea Towel Offer

If your school is looking for that unique fundraiser this Christmas look no further than our unique ‘Season’s Greetings’ border. This special Christmas Tea Towel is perfect! Sell at your school Christmas fair and is a lasting memento that makes a great gift for grannies!

Christmas Tea Towel

Christmas Tea Towel

We add your school name in the top border and the current year at the bottom of the Christmas Tea Towel, to order your free pack fill in the form here and we will send you our free fundraising kit. The kit has everything you need to make your school project really easy and straight forward.

We’ve run this offer for a few years now. Consequently it has always proved very popular with pre-school and nursery schools. As a result this makes things even easier for the PTA organiser to deal with. We provide you with a fully professional type-set school name and date if required. We email you a free proof for you to have a look at to make things simple and hassle free.

Our team are more than happy to speak with you about your requirements for your Christmas Tea Towel and can be contacted via the website (here), telephone (01642 489000 or email (, we have a wide range of colours and borders ready to suit the festivities so please feel free to get in touch!

For a free sample please use the form on our contact page to order and we’ll send one out next day with tonnes of helpful information you can take to your PTA meeting!

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