Money Boxes

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Another new Class Fundraising product is a Money Box (they’re coming back!). Children love saving, and what better way to do it than with a money box which they have designed. To get your money box designs under way click here to register for your free art kit.

Priced at £6.50 (£5.42 excl VAT) to the school and £8 to parents, making the school £1.50 profit.

Please note money boxes have a printable area of 8cm(W) x 6.5cm(H). They come complete with a removable rubber stopper. For more information please call.

The kit includes everything you need. It has full instructions, drawing sheets and order forms. They take 2 weeks to be processed from receipt of order at Class Fundraising.
Money boxes are a great idea for a gift to pre-school, or nursery school children. Something to remind them of the time they have spent at nursery. Some organisations even offer them as a starting gift. They can be totally personalised to feature the child’s name, a picture and logo.


Product Specification

All printed in full colour. Ceramic money boxes 8cm in diameter and 9cm high. To qualify for FREE delivery, 25 or more units must be ordered. £8.50 flat rate shipping cost if you order fewer than 25.

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