Place MatsPlace-mats are a great keepsake and have a practical use too. Children love them and won’t eat off of anything else! To get going with your school’s designs click here to register now. Place-mats make great additions to anyone’s dining room. This project is used well if your school has a healthy eating campaign or international food week and are a great way to get children involved and interested in their food!

School place-mats are fun mats to have around and are priced at £5 each to the school, recommended selling price is £6.50, making your school/organisation a hearty £1.50 profit per mat sold.

When ordering Place-mats why not complete the set with Coasters and Mugs! For more information on these other items please check the relevant pages, or like us on Facebook for more exciting news on new products that we offer!

Product Specification

All printed in full colour. Place-mats measure 19cm x 25cm. To qualify for FREE delivery, 25 or more units must be ordered. £8.50 flat rate shipping cost if you order fewer than 25.

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