Christmas Cards Artwork Tips

Designs are pretty much unlimited, for best results we suggest using bold coloured pencils or felt tips, but you can also use paints or make flat collages, we don’t mind! Our Christmas card templates are easy and straight-forward to understand.

The best card designs we have seen have been made using felt tip pens; the bolder the colours the better. We receive some amazing designs made by pre-schools and nurseries who have used paints too. We also have an ideas sheet which has been specifically designed for younger children, which includes some fab ideas on how to get creative with Christmas cards.

5 Important Things to Remember

1. Always draw and write well within the lines on the template. Anything outside of the black line will be automatically cropped.

2. Make sure that any text is clear of the template line. Sometimes we receive a really nice design, but the text runs close or on to the template line.

3. No glitter or fluorescent! Although the template will look really impressive and shiny, when we scan this the glittery area can print out quite dull.

4. Write the children’s names clearly on the templates. Sometimes we receive artwork and it is quite hard to distinguish the child’s name, so we have to make a best guess, which can result in confusion when the sample card arrives back at the school, though you can change the names when placing your Final Order online.

5. Have loads of FUN! It is always a good idea to plan a time to go into school so the cards can be fully completed to the best level. The better the sample school Christmas cards look the more likely the parents are to buy a pack of 12, making your fundraising profits even higher.

OK! I’m sold, what do I need to do next?

Our Artwork Kit has everything you need to make Christmas cards a real winner at your school or organisation this year

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