1 Template, 5 Products

Child drawing on christmas card templateThere is no need to create multiple templates for different products this year. We have a 1 template system so parents can have more choice with our Christmas Card Fundraising project!

Each child completes their own design using felt tips, coloured pencils, paints or flat collages. The completed templates are sent back to us using a freepost return label, then a sample card is sent out for every child. We provide the parental order forms with the option of ordering 5 different products.  This includes Christmas cards, gift tags, mugs, full colour tea towels and bags for life. Once the order forms have been returned to the school, the organiser for the project can then enter the order online, using our simple system. All orders are then produced within 14 days and sent to the school.


christmas card mugs

Christmas Cards are Priced at £5 to parents for a pack of 12 and they come complete with envelopes. School retains £1.30 for funds.  They can be printed with a greeting inside and the school logo on the reverse.


Mugs are Priced at £6 each to parents complete with gift box. School retains £1.80 for funds.

Mugs are printed with the image either side of the handle and the designers name in the middle. They make perfect gifts and are a lasting memento for years to come.


gift tag


Gift Tags are Priced at £2.25 each to parents for a pack of 11. School retains 75p for funds.

These gift tags make a great accompaniment to any present. Our fundraising gift tags are traditionally folded.  The great thing about gift tags is the simplicity, effectiveness and price. Most parents who order cards will also order a pack of tags.

REMEMBER – All these products are available to order in any combination, so if someone just wants to order one pack of Gift Tags that ‘s fine.

In addition to cards, gift tags and mugs, we also offer full colour printed Tea Towels and Bags for Life as well! We can print the same image on a tea towel or a bag, and we all know Grandma’s love a good tea towel! This is definitely something different for your Christmas Card Fundraising project and we are the only place you can get these fab tea towels and bags printed at such a low price.

Tea Towels are Priced at £7.50 each to parents. School retains £1.80 for funds.

Bags for Life are Priced at £8.50 each to parents. School retains £1.80 for funds.

full colour christmas tea towels and bags for life


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