5 Easy Steps

Make your school Christmas fundraising project a winner. Below are 5 easy steps towards this, showing just how simple it is to create a great product, involve children and raise funds for your cause!

Step 1

Order your FREE ART PACK which contains everything you need to get underway. The pack includes full instructions on how to get the best results, you can order yours now by clicking here and filling in the form.

Step 2

Follow our simple instructions in the pack, and get the children started on their designs/artwork.

Step 3

Once all the designs are finished simply send back to us and within 7-10 days your sample cards will be dispatched.  We’ll send a notification to let you know when they are on the way.

Step 4

We then send you a free sample card for each child that has submitted a design. The children take the cards home along with an order form for parent to fill in and send back to school. The organiser then places the final order online.

Step 5

Once your order is received we then print and send back your finished Cards, Gift Tags, Mugs, Tea Towels and Bags for Life. Orders are usually dispatched within 14 days of placing your order online. Cards and Gift Tags are dispatched together, Mugs are sent separately and Tea Towels are dispatched with Bags.

It really is that simple! Register Now for your FREE kit and get started.

If you have any questions please get in touch by emailing us or through the contact form. You can also call our office on 01642 489000

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