Why Use School Christmas Cards

10 Reasons Why Christmas Cards for your School is a real winner!

So you have thought about creating some Christmas cards, listed below are 10 great reasons why your organisation should take part in fundraising Christmas cards this term. Organised well, this project can raise over £600 for an average sized school. Last year some of you raised over £2000!

1. Everyone included.

Every child can get involved; everyone can do their own design.

2. They are simple to do.

If you choose us to print Christmas cards we provide you with everything you need to get going, and continue to provide support throughout the project.

3. Low Cost, high profit.

Packs are priced at just £3.70 to the school and sold to parents for £5.00, allowing the school to make a healthy £1.30 profit. Gift Tags earn 75p Profit for each pack sold. Mugs, Tea Towels and Eco Bags earn £1.80 for each one sold.

4. Great to send to family and friends.

Parents have been known to order many packs to send to Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles and family friends.

5. Nice keepsake.

A great reminder of your time at school and something that will be remembered forever.

6. Unlimited design options and no restrictions on colour!

For best results we recommend felt tip, but coloured pencils and collages also make great works of art fit for a Christmas card.

7. Low cost to parents.

Parents get meaningful personalised Christmas cards for just £5 per pack! Individual cards in shops can be in excess of £2-£3 each, they will get cards drawn by their little loved ones for just a fraction of that price, and will be helping the school by raising funds at the same time.

8. Manufactured in the UK.

All of our printing and work is done proudly here in the UK.

9. FSC & Carbon Neutral compliant.

All of the paper used to construct our kits, drawing templates, cards and envelopes are printed on FSC paper using non-solvent vegetable based inks. We securely recycle all artwork when we are finished we also carry the Carbon Neutral Logo on our cards.

10. It’s fun!

Kids love drawing and its great to see the whole school involved in a product that can bring so much joy at Christmas.
christmas card project
If you still have questions about Christmas cards for schools then please get in touch and we can answer any queries you have. Call us on 01642 489000.

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