School Fundraising Ideas

We think that PTA’s across the UK are the best! They raise millions for their Primary Schools, Nurseries, Pre Schools and Playgroups all for free, all in their own time and all for the love of the school.

Class fundraising ideas are a really important part of this feature. Keeping things fresh and fun is the key, plus having something the children can get involved in is equally important.

Class Fundraising Ideas

We have some top tips on how our fundraisers have stood the test of time and in the last 5 years have helped schools raise over 4.5 million pounds.

The causes that schools have raised money for have included:-

  • New Playground Equipment
  • Mini Buses
  • School Trips
  • Football Strips
  • New Computers
  • Books
  • Pantomime Trips

Plus many, many more.

The best School Fundraising Ideas

School Christmas Cards

The most popular yearly fundraiser. Something that has our schools coming back year after year. This is the ideal Christmas fundraiser because of the natural need for Christmas Cards during this time of year.

Everyone who receives a card that has been drawn by a loved one, is receiving a unique one-off which serves as a reminder in years to come.

What does this mean for my school I hear you ask?

1. Each child taking part gets to create their own unique drawing.
2. Each child that submits a drawing gets a proof of their design.
3. Parents can order packs or multiple packs of their child’s drawing as well as being able to also order matching products of, Mugs, Tea Towels, Bags, Wrapping paper and Gift Tags, jigsaw puzzle, coasters and even a Teddy Bear or Reindeers So you really can have the whole range!
4. With each sale the school profits. Christmas cards can make the school up to £1.80 per pack, gift tags 85p per pack and mugs up to £2.10 per mug sold. You can even maximise on these with the additional range of products
5. Every order we take is backed up with superb customer service.

With the addition of the school Christmas cards that can be printed onto tea towels we have seen a 20% rise in the profits you can make for you school.

In a nut-shell our cards offer a great way to make a good return, with no minimum order, and no obligation for parents to order profits are maximised. In 2022 average returns for school were around £350 – £450. More information on school Christmas cards can be found here

Last Year our highest earner managed to turn over more than £6,500 in sales, resulting in profits for the school of over £2100! Just think what that could do for your school?

School Tea Towels

class fundraising ideasThe concept of self portrait school tea towel really took off in the 1980’s. Since then there has been an estimated 20 million school tea towels printed. The technology may have moved on in the last 30 years but the simplicity and the concept remains the same.

Last year we serviced over 1000 schools. Providing them with everything they needed to create a piece of artwork once printed will bring delight to grandma’s across the land! In a recent Class Fundraising staff survey 75% of our parents have a tea towel tucked away in a drawer.

The tea towels benefit in many, many ways, please read on to discover what tea towels could do for you and your school:

1. Everyone can get involved, the whole school on one design, bringing everyone together in one masterpiece. They will become a treasured memento in years to come.
2. Easy and simple to complete – as with all of our amazing ideas we provide you (the fab PTA peeps) with everything you need to complete the project. Templates, drawing paper, pens, samples, instructions; its all in there!
3. The great price. From just £2.89 + VAT per tea towel they have the potential to make £1,000’s. We know schools have raised plenty of much needed money from the sale of these simple tea towels.
4. Ethically sound – our tea towels are all manufactured in the UK. This means that there is full traceability. All of our inks are safe to use and are water based (no nasty chemicals).

Tea towels are ideal at anytime of the year, including Christmas (great for the school fair) Mothers Day, Easter, Fathers Day, End of Term and are a lovely touch for leaver gifts.
See our extensive information about school tea towels by visiting the tea towel page here

Eco Bags

Fundraising Eco bagsBags of joy – in a similar vein to the tea towels, we also put the same spin on the Greener than Green delightful bags. What makes our bags extra special is the fact that they are all sewn after they have been printed, the traditional way to print bags is to print them on to made up pieces. Eco Bags are one of the best class fundraising Ideas!

Our unique method allow for both sides to be printed at no extra cost, with different images on each side, a groovy choice of handle colours and you can also have longer handles and gussets if required. More information can be found on the bags for life page


Class fundraising Aprons Amazing Aprons! Soon to be featured in our A-Z of fundraising, the aprons continue the same theme as our self portrait tea towels, and Eco bags. As a PTA fundraiser they make a great long lasting product that can be regularly washed without any problems. Like the tea towels we provide an art pack that has everything you could need

We use only the finest 100% cotton drill material perfectly stitched and finished in either Child size or the more common Adult standard. For more information see our aprons page

Fundraising Mugs

School Fundraising MugsDifferent to the Christmas cards we run fundraising mugs as a separate stand alone project.

Each child taking part can produce a ‘wraparound’ mug, this means they can make use of the full mug and fill it with any drawing or message they like. Our mugs are a great fundraiser on Mothers Day and Fathers Day. They are also a super leavers gift, where each child sign their name or wish everyone good luck for the new school. All mugs complete with their own gift box. There is no limitation on colour or how many you want to get printed.

We offer 3 different types of fundraising mug:

1. Individual mug design.
Where each child does their own template and the design is printed on the mug.

2. Group mug design.
Where each child does a drawing and we incorporate on to one mug.

3. Logo mug design.
Print your school logo with a message – eg. 50 year anniversary.

Mugs are great and parents and love ones love them! So for more information read and for prices go to the school mugs page



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