School Mugs

Our Mugs come complete with gift boxes and are labelled up for easy distribution. Each mug is individually boxed and priced at £6.60 to the parent. For every mug you sell the school makes £1.38 commission.

A school of 250 children taking part in a Mug project can easily raise over £400!

School Mugs – Different Styles:

Individual Mugs – with one child’s design per mug with no restriction on colour.

Logo Mugs – just the school logo or you can combine the logo with a drawing.

Group Mugs – up to approx 15 self portraits or hand prints on one mug.

logo mugs, class mugs


Cost per mug (including gift box):

Parents pay: £6.60
School makes £1.38 per mug sold.

  • Each Child does a drawing, or painting
  • We Print onto a mug
  • Your school/organisation sells to parents! Simple!

Please note that for all orders under 25 mugs there is a £7 ex VAT delivery charge.

Order your school mug art pack now!

School Mugs are a practical idea which everyone will love. Our simple to follow process allows you to get the most from your designs. There are 3 options available Individual mugs allow each child to do their own design, Group Mugs allow you to have a collection of designs on each mug. Logo mugs allow you to put your school crest or badge on mugs.

Mugs are a valuable asset to your fundraising war chest! They create great profits and you only order what you need. This is one of our favourite products to produce, and is the perfect school fundraising idea for your organisation.



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