Mother’s Day Mugs

Create unique designs for this Mother’s Day

Why not create Mother’s Day Mugs to help raise funds for your pre-school, nursery, playgroup or school.  It’s a fun project as each child makes their own unique design to be printed onto a mug.

We send Mug templates out to school, with enough for each child to create their own individual design for a Mother’s Day Mug. Using bold felt tip pens is a great way for children to create a colourful mug design.  The templates incorporate an order form, to be completed by parents, so they can view the design and note their order all on one sheet.

Once the organiser for the project has returned the completed templates to us, we’ll scan the artwork and prepare the order.  This normally takes approx. 2-3 weeks from receipt of your designs.  We’ll return your printed mugs, in individual gift boxes, ready to be handed out.

Parents are also able to order Coaster Cards and Coasters too – making the perfect gift set!


If you’d like to take part in this project, please register now for your FREE kit.

Our team are here to help if you have any questions or would like more information about creating the designs.

We also offer a special border for Mother’s Day for our self-portrait Tea Towels too!

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