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If you would like to order our fundraising mug kit and get started on your designs, please complete the form below.

Please only order the kit if you want to go ahead. If you require a sample of a mug before you go ahead then please visit the sample page here.

Order Your Mug Art Pack

We produce various types of Mug designs throughout the year;

mugsChristmas Mugs as part of our Christmas Card project which includes the child’s name, school name and class.

Wraparound Mugs: There are very popular for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day or even for Easter Fundraising. These mugs have a single design printed which wraps around the mug.

Leavers and Message Mugs: Perfect for school leavers and similar to our tea towel designs, children can draw their portraits or write messages for each other onto these mugs. We find a lot of schools now order leavers mugs with the school logo and the ‘Class of’ names printed around the mug.

Photo/Logo and Group Mugs: We can print a photograph or a school logo onto a mug, great for not only leavers but at fundraising events and fetes.


Please Call us on 01642 489000 to discuss ordering your art packs

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