Tea Towel Colours & Borders

Remember our tea towels are made from high quality material and we have great prices, we also boast a large range of colours and borders, which are included in the price of our tea towels.

We have lots of new colours and some cracking borders to choose from.

We think we have covered about everything but if you want a special border to celebrate a date let us know and we will do our best to help. You can choose any border or colour.


Choose from our range of over 24 print colours for your self-portrait tea towels.

tea towel print colours

We have created a great selection of unique colours, specially formulated for a vibrant finish. They are colour fast and we recommend washing at no more than 30 degrees. As well as our standard range of colours we can also match Uncoated Pantone colours (within 1-2 shades), so if you have a certain colour you particularly need we can provide this as an extra service. Please contact us for more information on this.

Our Unique Borders

We have a wide range of unique tea towel borders to choose from for all occasions, including our specially designs for anniversary borders to help celebrate your event.  We also create special borders throughout the year for example Mother’s Day and Christmas.

Special Borders

Do you have a special event coming up such as an anniversary? Speak to our team who can certainly help you come up with a fabulous border design.

tea towels for all year round








If you are looking for a great fundraiser at any time of the year than fundraising towels are a real winner. We only use UK manufactured tea towels along with professional printing service ensures you are receiving the best service that money can offer!

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